“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit” - Joseph Pilates

Welcome! I am Michelle, a qualified and fully insured Level 3 Mat Pilates and Principles of Health & Fitness instructor. I lead in-person classes in South East Kent, including 1:1 private sessions. 

I became inspired to practice and teach Pilates as a result of my struggles with neck and back pain caused by occupational injury.

Pilates has been a remarkable healing journey for me, so I understand how valuable it can be to anyone who suffers from persistent pain or discomfort.

My passion is to help make a positive difference in your life and inspire you to discover the amazing things your body can achieve, no matter where you are currently at in your fitness journey.

Beyond that, it’s how it can make you feel emotionally too.

I want you to finish my class feeling energised and with a calmer mind.

Who is Pilates for?

Mat Pilates is for everyone, regardless of age or ability, as long as you can independently rise from the floor. 

Designed to be accessible to all,  Mat Pilates offers a transformative experience, following a series of low-impact exercises that are safe on the joints, empowering individuals to progress towards achieving their fitness goals in a supportive environment.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve core strength or manage specific health conditions, Mat Pilates offers immense benefits.

Through our community classes, we simplify this rewarding practice, emphasizing its fundamental principles of precision and mindful movement.

Pilates helps enhance bone density and improve posture, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with neck and back pain.

Consider consulting with your GP or a healthcare professional to address any health concerns before commencing a new fitness program.

About Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates, a simple, yet effective form of Pilates, relies primarily on body weight as resistance, distinguishing it from other variations like Reformer and Cadillac or Trapeze Pilates that utilize specialized equipment.

This accessible exercise method is suitable for people of all expertise levels, requiring only a mat for participation.

By utilizing body weight, Mat Pilates offers a challenging workout that enhances endurance and strengthens the core, a vital component for overall health and injury prevention.

Comprising twenty-nine pairs of muscles, the core forms the basis for arm and leg movements, crucial for balance and stability in workouts. Strengthening the core enhances overall movement efficiency, minimizing pain and injury risk during daily activities like lifting.

Join our friendly community and discover how Mat Pilates can enrich your life, one session at a time.