Pilates Private Sessions

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Private Sessions are the best way to start Pilates, allowing you to move and learn at your own pace and focus on technique. Private sessions are ideal if you are recovering from injury, have a long-term health condition or just have key areas you want to target.

I will work with you personally from the comfort of your own home, to help achieve your desired goals, without the pressure from a group environment. Usually, they run for consecutive weeks to provide consistency. With regular sessions you’ll soon feel and see the changes. 

I will create a customised plan that has the power to change your movement patterns from within and build a completely new body in terms of function and how your body feels and works for you. 

As a beginner, you will learn how to re-train your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion, starting with body alignment, breath, and core control. As an advanced student, you will be continually challenged.

Consider consulting with your GP or a healthcare professional to address any health concerns before commencing a new fitness program

I look forward to working with you!*

You will need to attend an Initial Consultation before beginning private Pilates sessions with me.

This session will include goal setting, a postural analysis, and movement assessment, including flexibility, spine mobility, strength, and balance.

I will teach you the key Principles of Pilates, ensure you know how to set your body in neutral alignment to achieve the most benefit out of future Pilates exercises and teach you how to engage your core stabilising muscles.

This assessment not only determines your current level of ability in Pilates, but it also highlights any troublesome areas we need to work on.

It also means that the content of our sessions can be planned in advance, and I will be aware of which exercises to pay particular attention to.

The consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and highlight any concerns you may have about commencing Pilates.

Prior to your initial assessment, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire to assist me in designing an exercise programme that includes safe activities and appropriate modifications. You can download the form here: Enrolment Form

Prices 2024

Initial Consultation


60 mins

  • Getting to know You/ Goal Setting 
  • Postural analysis and movement assessment
  • Principles of Pilates
  • Summary of assessment and suggested plan ahead



Single Session


60 mins

  • Must attend Initial Consultation prior
  • Pilates Principals and Warm-up
  • Mat-based Pilates exercises, uniquely designed for you
  • Cool-down
  • Follow-up phone call


Block of 6 (save £20)


60 mins

  • Must attend Initial Consultation prior
  • Pilates Principals and Warm-up
  • Mat-based Pilates exercises, uniquely designed for you
  • Cool-down
  • Progress reviews


* If you have any health concerns such as a health condition or injury, seek advice from your GP or health professional before starting any exercise programme. 

£1/mile extra charge applies for home visits outside a 6 mile radius of CT16

"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young" - Joseph Pilates