NEW Align Balance Core Mat Pilates Workout Highlights

Welcome to our NEW “Align Balance Core” Mat Pilates class workout highlights!

This video showcases a compilation of exercises from our most recent in-person sessions, perfect for beginners and anyone eager to tone and strengthen their entire body. Each move is designed to target key areas such as the lower abs, triceps, back, and hips, while also helping to improve your posture – and more!

By following this comprehensive Pilates workout, you will strengthen your core, improve mobility, release tension, and reduce joint pain. Furthermore, this new routine is not only great for physical reconditioning but also beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. At the end of each class, we conclude with a short guided meditation to enhance relaxation and mindfulness.

Remember to progress at your own pace, and only move to the next level when you feel truly ready. For a visual guide to each exercise stage, check out the video below. Please note, the video includes highlights from the class, not all of the exercises and stretches. Better yet, join us in person for a class! To find venues, check availability, and book your spot, visit:

Your Pilates Host, Michelle